The Radar 102: Mixed by Krayysh – Dancing Astronaut

Not even a month after the release , Canadian producer has concocted an hour-long exclusive guest mix for Dancing Astronaut‘s Radar series. Not much is known about the mysterious bass producer, other than that he’s been supported by and his imprint and has consistently put out masterfully crafted music since his debut as an artist in April.

His eerie Radar mix is chock full Krayysh IDs, along with recognizable tracks like ‘s “Rush” and a smattering selections. He transitions flawlessly from one glitchy track to the next, making for an otherworldly listening experience. Though the mix and his music as a whole have a decidedly dark feel, he lifts listeners up with the incorporation tracks like his own ethereal “Talk To Me.”

Track List:

Krayysh – Cold Ash

Krayysh – ID

– Hankie

– Pineapple ( Remix)

Chee – Grotesque

Krayysh – The Opposite Happy

Aphex Twin – Parallel Stripes

Krayysh – Talk to me ft.

& – Starlite

– Diplodocus ( Remix)

Noisia – Sinkhole

G jones – Lavender Town VIP

– Part I (Krayysh Remix)

– ID

Aphex Twin – 54 Cymru Beats

Noisia – Vigilantes

Krayysh – ID

Noisia & – Dead Limit (Noisia’s Outer Edges Remix)

Vorso – Needle

Krayysh – ID

Coppa, Disphonia, AKOV – Paranoize (Akov Remix)

Spot – The Running Man

Krayysh – Running From Death

Krayysh – ID

REZZ – Rush

Alon Mor – Clyde’s Nightclub

Topi – Backup

– 404

– Hyacinthus

– Fellow Feeling (Krayysh Edit)

Krayysh – Underthinking Things

Noisia – Collider

Krayysh – 13286

– Trichitillomania

G jones – Transform

– Hexadecimal ft. Dr Bread

Krayysh – Take a Look and See

Eprom – Warrior (with G Jones)

– Liedenfrost (Krayysh Remix)

Must Die – Project Ghost

– Gang

Krayysh – ID


The Radar 102: Mixed by Krayysh - Dancing Astronaut