Ray Volpe Demolishes Delta Heavy “Kaleidoscope” Remix

Musicians are all after one thing–expressing their emotions through their work. And many attempt it, but few achieve it. ‘s new remix, on the other hand, makes you feel every single one his emotions as if he had physically ripped them from his soul and placed them in the palm your hand.

His take on Delta Heavy’s “” is an iconic whirlwind emotions. Transforming an originally powerful drum and bass tune into a heartfelt, raw, and beautiful rendition is not a simple task to achieve, but he did it with absolute mother-f*cking ease. 

‘ vocals haunt your soul above his melodic intro, which cohesively scream at you to feel emotions that you didn’t even know you had.

She progresses to tell a chilling tale  a momentous love that overtakes any distance it encompasses. Her all-too-familiar feelings are enhanced by Ray’s distinct style to turn anything he touches into auditory gold. His signature vocal chops sit pleasantly atop a mid-tempo style that finds to be a stunning contrast to his most recent release, “.”

No layers OTT could mask the fact that Ray Volpe is doing incredible work and has a legendary journey ahead him. Immerse yourself in his ficial remix Delta Heavy’s “Kaleidoscope”  below.

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