Premiere: Marco Faraone – Stage Capture – Dancing Astronaut

signee dominated the 2017 summer season with “Desert Crash,” a infectiously mysterious techno cut that got rinsed on multiple ends the techno spectrum. Finally, widespread recognition had come to the blossoming talent, who’d been a part  the production-sphere for years beforehand.

His standards in forging heavy-hitters has not diminished, as proved by his new release on ‘s On Edge Society imprint. Its eponymous A-side “Stage Capture” opens the work up on a thunderous note, assaulting the ears with pounding drums, white noise, and robotic vocal samples that add to the tension. Though a rough ride from start to finish, the piece is well-made and futuristic to its core — perhaps another anthem in the making for Faraone.

‘Stage Capture’ is slated for a March 20 release. Pre-order a copy .