Porter Robinson's "Worlds" Turns Four Today

It is surprising to believe that one of the best albums ever released in the electronic music scene has turned four years old today. DJ-producer, Porter Robinson, created one of the best melodic and feelzy albums that has been adored over the years.

“Worlds” was Porter Robinson's first album that was inspired by his interest in the Japanese culture. The masterpiece includes some of his popular tracks such as “Sea of Voices,” “Sad Machine,” and everyone's favorite, “Language.” Without “Worlds”, Porter Robinson probably wouldn't have been as iconic or as beloved as he is today. This album shows us that being true to ourselves can surely help us make an impact in this world. Porter Robinson has surely left an impact in the EDM Community, and this album will certainly continue to be loved in the many more years to come.

Rediscover the beauty of the album below.