OMB Peezy and Sherwood Marty Drop ''Crash Out'' Video

Just a week after the release their collaborative mixtape, , and  fer up a new music video for their recently-dropped  record.

The Southern rappers team up with Sherwood Flame for the new set visuals, which take place on a basketball court in a local neighborhood. The new video was directed by 30Thirty Visuals, and take place in Baton Rouge, La, which is Marty's home city.

Recruiting their entourages to join them for an interesting night out on the courts, where they bring weed, snacks and guns, Peezy, Marty and Flame back up their tough talk over the street-infused record. The Alabama native kicks f the fast-paced video with his verse on Drum Drummie's production, before lending the spotlight over to Sherwood Marty and finishing f with Sherwood Flame.

So far, OMB Peezy and Sherwood Marty have received critical acclaim from fans and the music community for their collaborative effort. The new project follows in the footsteps Peezy's previous 2017 release, which came after an incredible breakout year for the Alabama talent.

Watch the ficial music video for OMB Peezy, Sherwood Marty and Sherwood Flame's "Crash Out" record below.