Mysterious New Artist Deathpact Releases Funky, Dark New Single – 'Danger'

This time last week I found myself watching a video of Samuel L Jackosn getting denied access from a computer. It was a classic scene from Jurassic Park. How I got there though is a much longer story than you ever might guess. About five hours before reaching that video, I was entering in base64 PYTHON command prompts into a mysterious website. I was lead to this command prompt page from a link that was texted to me after I called a number posted on Twitter profile. It was the Twitter profile of Deathpact, an artist who up until that point only had one release – a collaboration with none other than Rezz.

The Mystery Deepens

It was all a bit confusing. But this past Friday I unwrapped a bit more of Deathpact's mysterious lore when they released a deliciously dark new single entitled ‘Danger'. While the identity of Deathpact remains a secret, many fans are starting to build conspiracy theories. Is this a moniker of an already established artist, possibly even Rezz herself? Or is this a brilliant newcomer who really knows how to create a hype online?

Deathpact – ‘Danger'

Regardless of their identity, Deathpact is a production powerhouse. ‘Danger' is a dark, industrial and impressive tune. The driving house beat would find itself right at home in the sets of Tchami and Malaa, and will undoubtedly find many spins as the Summer festival season begins its final stretch.

Check out Deathpact's first solo single below, and if you want to find out who Deathpact is, you might want to start by calling 917-283-2750.