Martin Garrix drops off sweeping 'So Far Away' remix EP

and ’s collaboration “So Far Away” has deservingly received its very own six-track remix pack. When the single dropped Dec. 1, it received split reviews, as Garrix’s music has long been divisive in the EDM community. Surely, though, if listeners hadn’t enjoyed the original they were sure to enjoy the plethora alternatives it would soon spawn. Now, the Jamie Scott and Romy Dya-led hit has done just that.

Garrix has gathered six remixes “So Far Way,” ranging in sounds. With an amped future bass take by , a more big room, future house take by and a deep house dive by way BLR, Garrix suggests that the track’s true grandeur is its ability to shine in a wide variety interpretations.

Martin Garrix drops f sweeping 'So Far Away' remix EP