Lil Kim Connects With The Notorious B.I.G. On ‘Hollywood Medium’ And This Is What Happened

Lil Kim supposedly connected with a deceased rap legend in an episode Hollywood Medium. Surely you can guess who.

Yup, apparently Christopher Wallace made his presence known on the E! show. The Notorious B.I.G himself had some words for Kim and they might shock you.

In a clip the episode, celebrity medium Tyler Henry said Biggie was referencing his “legacy being continued on” and a “dedication” to his music that he “feels like he’s involved in.” With this news, Lil Kim reacted with excitement, saying that she was in fact working on a project dedicated to the late rapper.

The kicker came when Tyler said Biggie kept showing him the word “soulmate.” The message seemed to be aimed at Lil Kim to which she responded in shock. “My hands are sweating,” she said. “That’s crazy.” You can watch a clip the interaction below.