Kenya Moore Pops Off On A Home Intruder In The Most Hilarious Way Ever

Kenya Moore has some words for a couple identified tresspasers who she says hopped the fence to get on her Moore Manor property.

Kenya’s newly constructed home was one her main story lines in the recent season Real Housewives Atlanta and apparently, folks are interested in seeing her new digs up close. But rest assured, she’s not having it.

“I just had three muthaf*ckers come to my front door and knock on it. I didn’t know who they were. The climbed over my fence and came where I live. And thought it was a good idea to say ‘Hi Kenya’,” the reality star alleges in a new video.

“If you can find out where I live, please do,” she continues in her rant. “Because if you come over here, you’re gonna get a muthaf*ckin cap in your *ss.”

Kenya went on to post a photo said people on her property and fer a reward for anyone able to identify them:

The alleged trespassers don’t seem to be worried, though. Check out their version the story:

Others have commented on Kenya’s video, questioning why she’d make the location her home so public in the first place:


IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Instagram