Heatstroke – Calvin Harris, Young Thug, Ariana Grande and More All on One Track

Heatstroke is going to be the song the summer. This actually isn't even up for debate. produced this masterpiece that seems to feature everybody who is anybody popular music today. Vocals from stars including Ariana Grande, Young Thug and Pharrell Williams make this track on an entire different level than any it's predecessors.

Harris' last few tracks are no small accomplishments either. ‘Slide' featuring Frank Ocean and Migos has been playing on every major radio station and has seen almost 100 million streams since its introduction just a few weeks ago. Just before that was his insanely popular track with Rihanna ‘This Is What You Came For'. Prior to that was his high key shade throwing endeavor ‘My Way' which scorched the pop princess Taylor Swift. Heatstroke will undoubtedly out do them all. Calvin has not only produced a technically sound track that any audiophile will drool over but the inclusion pop superstars will push this to the top the charts.

Heatstroke Will Top the Charts

It seemed that had a death grip on the top the pop AND electronic charts but Heatstroke might be the first strike back in Calvin's favor. If anyone is familiar with the cross over pop and dance it is course Calvin Harris. The producer/DJ wanted on twitter not long ago that his music in 2017 was made to ‘make you feel incredible', Heatstroke shows that this was no exaggeration.

Heatstroke - Calvin Harris, Young Thug, Ariana Grande and More All on One Track

‘Slide' saw a return to more classic Calvin in style. The beat was reminiscent Love Souvenir f his first LP, ‘I Created Disco'. Heatstroke continues Calvin Harris' return to his strongest form and adds in some the most in demand, popular vocalists in the world. Calvin Harris penned ‘Feel So Close' a few years back now but the lyric from the iconic track ‘and there's no stopping us right now' is probably playing over and over again in the artists head after this monster release. Check out Heatstroke below, and get ready to hear this one everywhere.

to Heatstroke.