Fresh Kicks 76: Vaskular

Apart from his searing, sideways approach to house music, there isn’t much available information about Chilean producer, Vaskular. So we asked to introduce himself…

“Vaskular is a mad scientist by day and a soul searcher by night,” he replies. “He was born between boxes of wine in a freestyle cypher and evolved to a motivated DJ who was later expelled from hip-hop parties due to his uncontrollable eclectic desires.”

Adds up. We first got to know the now Paris-based artist through his releases on the inimitable Cómeme, a label run by Matias Aguayo and  Avril Ceballos that boasts one of the most consistent, distinct and playful catalogs in the game at present. Boasting releases by Lena Willikens, Christian S, DJs Pareja, Ana Helder and rRoxymore to name but a few, Vaskular is in good and appropriate company. But how did his clattering, distinctly rhythmic productions make their way into the family?

“In Santiago the scene is super small and everyone knows each other,” he explains. “So it was kind of a natural process. but to be more specific I met Matias and Avril through Valesuchi in Buenos Aires, we enjoyed a nice ice cream together.”

Santiago’s scene is something Vaskular is beginning to feel a bit of distance from now, having lived in France for the past two years. But he remains loyal and dedicated to the grassroots, underground movement in his hometown and is keen to shout out an extensive list of labels and artists which you can check out below.

“I’ve been living in Paris for about two years now so I'm not that well informed about which are the clubs now,” he admits. “Plus maybe it will be not so good idea to name them because many of them are illegal. The scene where I'm involved is always looking for new spaces, it's a constant struggle, hats off to the ones keeping it alive. But the music is going through a really good moment from my perspective and there are many dope DJs, producers and bands.”

With his ‘Desastre’ EP from last year still doing a whole lot for us as well as his club heater ‘Ah! Ah!’ Ah!’ on Cómeme’s recent ‘Solidarity Forever Vol II’, we wanted to catch up with Vaskular to learn a bit more about him. Check out his ace Fresh Kicks mix where he fuses charismatic house, loose rhythm and raucous hip-hop to great effect and have a read our quick Q&A – All below.