Foxy Brown Gets Booed in Philly; Sends More Shots at Haters [VIDEO]

Foxy Brown didn’t get a brotherly (or sisterly) welcome when she arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday (April 29). Apparently, the rap vet was scheduled to perform at a show as part Philly’s Black Pride festivities. But according to reports, Fox Boogie arrived three hours late and didn’t perform.

In the video above, you can see fans booing Foxy Brown right out the venue. You can also hear someone yelling, “Remy Ma! Remy Ma!” as Brown and her security quietly exited the building.

According to the above post the Shade Room, the Brooklyn rapper was scheduled to perform at 2AM but showed up at 5AM and allegedly sat in the corner ignoring the crowd. A DJ kept playing Brown’s songs but the rapper herself didn’t perform any her tracks.

There’s no word on why Foxy Brown didn’t perform at the venue but she’s receiving plenty slander on social media.

Speaking slander, Foxy Brown went on her Instagram page over the weekend to throw more shot at her haters. Why? We have no idea.

The subliminal diss song below features Brown rapping in a Jamaican patios and throwing shots at artists who use the Jamaican patios in their songs. She also big ups Nicki Minaj who saluted her in a recent Instagram post.

“Who the f— told bitches they can do what I do / All the sudden y’all bitches got accents too / My gyal bitches can’t do what I do,” she raps.

Unfortunately, the song is not as good as her Remy Ma diss track, “Breaks Over.”

But at this point, Foxy Brown needs to make sure that she arrives on time for her concert performances. This is not a good look for the self-proclaimed Ill Na Na.

Check out the fiasco above and below.

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