Exclusive: Slowz debuts enthralling EP, 'Nowhere' – Dancing Astronaut

French producer Slowz built a name for himself on the strength his first two EPs, 2015’s Paradise and Prime Life, released a year later. After a 2017 spent focused on a number edits and remixes — met similar acclaim to his solo productions — Slowz is back in 2018 with another EP, Nowhere.

The 5-track EP is a prime example the producer’s nuanced musicianship — most pronounced in the introduction live instrumentation, a first for the artist.

As for the EPs inspiration, Slowz said:

There is considerable depth and range to be found on Nowhere. The EP’s opener, “Excuses,” features the vocals Canada’s FTRSL and exudes a sensual energy that is equally at home as in the club. The title track, which immediately follows, places heavier emphasis on live elements and a minimalist construction. Subtle production flourishes flitter throughout, but the track’s star is vocalist Brianna Rose, who has an effortless, infectious delivery.

Nowhere‘s halfway mark sees Slowz return to a mostly in-the-box number, with skittering percussion creating a solid foundation for Vivienne Sessoms to riff over. The EP comes to a close with the two parts “When She Sleeps,” both featuring Hannah Young. Both iterations are structurally ambitious, with the first opting for an bubbly energy, while the second leans back for swaying, hypnotic affair.

The end result is an endearing EP that marks a new chapter for the particular brand soulful tracks that have long been Slowz forté. The sheer quality the productions will have listeners coming back for me and, due to their clever, unobtrusive arrangement, are sure to be placed on repeat ten.