Styline – Suicide Squad | Your EDM

Just in time for the weekend, the “power house” pioneer himself has released a new track to get the weekend started the right way; with some dancing. The German born, independent producer, Styline, has created a name for himself with his global tour as well as his partnerships with various large corporations. His local residency at … [Read more…]

WATCH: Deadmau5 Releases The Epic Finale To "The Deadmau5 Project" [VIDEO]

NVIDIA has just released episode three of their deadmau5 Project documentary and it’s a gamer’s wet dream, and then some. This episode focuses on the final unboxing of deadmau5 completely customized gaming units, four of which are modeled after Zimmerman’s collection of supercars. Across the five personal computers NVIDIA designed for deadmau5, there are a total … [Read more…]

This Unbelievable New Portable Speaker Is As Loud As Any EDM Festival [VIDEO]

High school kickbacks and raucous nights of beer pong may never be the same, as French company Devialet has just revolutionized portable speaker technology. With their newest speaker model, titled Phantom, the innovative audio-engineering company has effectively proven that portability is not mutually exclusive with sound quality. The Phantom is chock-full of massive firepower, boasting 4,500 watts of … [Read more…]

Zhu stuns in meaningful and moody debut (Album Review)

The scene opens to the inky darkness of midnight in the “Neon City.” A saxophone blows like a cool breeze through the balmy air, muting the buzz of the fluorescent signs that clamor for attention. So begins the intro track of Generationwhy, the stunning debut from mystery man, Steven Zhu. Maya Angelou murmurs above barreling subway … [Read more…]