Feed Me showcases new direction on eight-track EP 'Family Reunion' – Dancing Astronaut

Feed Me’s new eight track EP, Family Reunion is, a vastly new direction for the producer, but the EP’s DNA is unmistakably the jolly, green goblin’s own. The opener, for example, an anthemic behemoth surpassing the 7-minute mark entitled “High Speed Weekend,” recalls the similarly long in tooth “Embers” from his 2012 release Feed Me’s Escape From … [Read more…]

Carnage and Timmy Trumpet take on psy trance – Dancing Astronaut

Older forms of trance such as uplifiting, tech, and more recently psy, are making their way back into the mainstream dance sphere. Carnage, joined by collaborator Timmy Trumpet, is the most recent case study of this observable phenomenon. Carnage in particular has already demonstrated a keen intuition on bringing submerged sounds to mass audiences, as evidenced … [Read more…]