150+ prominent artists come out in support of net neutrality

More than 150 artists, actors, and musicians have penned a letter endorsing the hundreds protests set to take place today at cell service providers and congressional fices nationwide.

, , Evangeline Lilly, , Against Me!, Alyssa Milano, Michael Stipe (REM), Wil Wheaton, , , Graham Nash, , Downtown Boys, Speedy Ortiz, , and Anti-Flag are among the letters signatories, which includes artists from nearly every genre and artistic medium.

“We support the people from across the political spectrum protesting across the country on December 7,” reads the , “and we echo their call for our members Congress to do their jobs and take action to stop the FCC vote that’s planned for December 14.”

is the principle that internet service providers should not be allowed to selectively speed up or slow down internet services in exchange for monetary compensation.

See the letter and a full list signers 


150+ prominent artists come out in support  net neutrality